Student Expectations - Behavior/Food

How Do We Expect Porter Students to Behave?

  • Be responsible, be respectful and be a problem solver.
  • Respect yourself, respect others and respect materials.
  • Ask an adult for help when you need it, and follow adult directions at all times.
  • Walk at all times (games are an exception).
  • Leave all distractions at home, including electronics, toys, candy and gum.

At Porter Elementary,we believe that all children can learn and that they deserve the best education possible in the safest and most supportive environment.

Students, teachers and staff members have the right to work in a setting where learning can take place at optimal levels. Of course, responsible and respectful citizenship begins at home and is reinforced at school. We anticipate that we will work together with our Porter families to help our students realize the consequences of their decisions.

We believe all students can behave appropriately and should be held accountable for their actions. We expect every child to follow our general rules of behavior at all times, whether in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria or in the walkways.

Meals and Snacks

Regular intake of nutritious food helps ensure students are physically primed to learn. San Diego Unified School District serves a nutritious breakfast and lunch every school day. Please support your child's learning by making sure your child has access to these meals, along with adequate, healthy snacks.

If your child is bringing lunch from home, pack only nutritious foods for lunch and afternoon recess snack. Avoid highly sweetened or high sodium foods and drinks ("junk food"). These items (such as soda pops, sports drinks, large bags of chips or candy treats) may be confiscated by a school staff member, as they are a distraction to others, and hold low nutritional value.

Sharing of food is not permitted due to the potential for allergic reactions. We ask families to avoid including foods with peanuts in them for the safety of our students.

For safety reasons, glass containers are not permitted on school property. Please make sure your child's food items are tightly wrapped and enclosed.


Parents are encouraged to send children to school with healthy snacks, such as fruit, vegetables or yogurt. Items such as chips, cookies, candy and similar non-nutritive foods are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Snacks may be eaten in designated areas only.

Birthday Celebrations

Instructional time in the classroom is precious. We request that families DO NOT bring food treats to celebrate their child's birthday. The teacher is able to recognize your child's special day. Please be aware it is not only the instructional time that is compromised, but we also need to very seriously consider family values or religious beliefs, medical conditions of children such as allergies, diabetes, etc. Our district wellness policy supports the updated National Food Law for school that outlines the nutritional values of fat and sugar content of foods offered to students during school hours. If a family would like to distribute a small gift to the class in recognition of their child's birthday we recommend items such as pencils, stickers, etc These items will be distributed at the end of the day. We will respectfully request parents do not provide cake or cupcakes for children's birthdays. We appreciate your cooperation.

Click here for Guidelines for Foods Sold and Brought to School Campuses

The Porter Elementary Behavior Matrix

The Porter Elementary Behavior Matrix

All Settings

  • I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
  • I will walk ONLY.
  • I will treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • I will stop, talk, think, try.
  • I will Think before I act.
  • I will do my best.
  • I will try to resolve the conflict yourself.
  • I will listen and follow the directions of all adults.
  • I will be on time.
  • I will be on task.


  • Use materials appropriately.
  • Walk at all times.
  • Maintain physical space while moving.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. the walkways on campus.
  • Use appropriate voice levels.
  • Be polite.
  • Share.
  • Help others.
  • Take turns.
  • Get permission and a pass before leaving the room.
  • Listen and follow the directions of all adults.
  • Watch your teacher for directions.
  • Transition quickly and quietly.
  • Have materials ready.
  • Be engaged.


  • Walk and stay on the sidewalk before the gate is open.
  • Stand or sit in your classroom line until teacher picks you up.
  • Maintain physical space while moving.
  • Stay in supervised area (only breakfast monitors with a pass may leave the line)
  • Soft voices.
  • Wait calmly for teacher.
  • Say hello politely.
  • Arrive at school by 8:45AM.
  • Listen and follow the directions of all adults.
  • Have materials ready--backpack, HW, books, etc)

Cafeteria and Lunch Court

  • Walk to lunch line.
  • Remain seated and wait to be excused.
  • Throw your tray away and walk to and wait in line to be dismissed to playground.
  • Keep hands and feet to self and maintain personal space.
  • Practice good table manners.
  • Eat your own food.
  • Use a normal talking voice.
  • Keep food on your tray or wrapping.
  • Keep your area clean.
  • Put trash in trash cans.
  • Listen and follow the directions of all adults.
  • Help others.


  • Use equipment properly.
  • Follow all equipment rules.
  • Freeze when the whistle is blown.
  • Walk to your classroom line.
  • Wait in line calmly.
  • Walk on the blacktop.
  • Be a good sport.
  • Share equipment.
  • Wait your turn.
  • Play by school rules.
  • Play approved games.
  • Return equipment properly.
  • Listen and follow the directions of all adults.
  • Help others.
  • Get along with others.
  • Take responsibility for your actions

When on School Grounds

Do Not Bring


Pets and other animals are not to be brought onto school grounds at anytime. Animals are permitted at school only when needed for instructional purposes and when under the strict control of qualified instructors or handlers.

Toys, Games, Etc.

Students are not allowed to bring toys to school as it is a distraction to learning and often results in lost or broken toys. This includes trading cards.The school provides sufficient items for children to play with for both out door and indoor recess. CD players, Game Boys, or any other type electronic entertainment devices are not permitted on school grounds. Theft or loss of such items will not be investigated by school personnel.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not allowed on school grounds.

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