About the Man - Walter J. Porter

Who is Walter J. Porter?

Walter J. Porter

Walter J. Porter was a local hero and advocate for the citizens of our community. The Walter J. Porter Foundation was founded on his behalf to make sure that the work he was committed to would continue in our community and beyond.

  • Walter J. Porter valued education and received a PHD the higher level in graduate studies that a person might attain.

  • During 24 years he was the Dean of the Community College District of San Diego.

  • He was Assistant professor at San Diego State University.

  • He was President of the San Diego Chapter of the NAACP.

  • He served in the different boards of many local nonprofit organizations.

  • He was a great sponsor of arts in education and was an artist himself.

  • He was a master of ceremonies and ventriloquist!

  • He was a dedicated husband and parent and a role model for all that knew him

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